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Google Review Tips for Veterinary Clinics in 2019

By admin on Saturday, March 16th, 2019

One of the best ways to know how your clients feel about the service you provide to them is through their online reviews of your business. For veterinary clinics like yours, the care and treatment you provide for your clients’ furry friends is your number one priority, so the reviews your clients leave should demonstrate the quality of your veterinary care and expertise.
Google reviews for your clinic can also benefit your ranking on Google’s search engine results page which can lead to increased traffic to your site and more customers through your door. So, how can you get more of your clients to leave the reviews of your clinic that will help your business online as well as future potential clients who may be looking for you? And what Google review tools for vets are out there to help you generate and track them?

Things to Know about Google Reviews

Before we discuss Google reviews tools for vets that you can use to generate and track what your clients are saying about you online, here are a few key points to remember about them:

Quality Is Key
It may seem like common sense, but you definitely want to have more positive reviews than negative ones appearing on Google. While you can’t prevent someone from writing a negative review (and the way you respond to it can be beneficial for future clients to see), you always want to encourage positive reviews from your clients. 4 stars and higher will have the greatest impact on your Google rankings–yes, your Google rankings are affected by customer reviews. Ask clients who have had good experiences in your clinic if they would be willing to write you a positive review.

Quantity Matters Too

While it is important that your reviews are positive, you also want to have a good number of them. 1 review versus 25 reviews is going to have an impact on the way potential clients view your clinic and will influence their decision to call you or not. This is why you want to encourage as many clients as possible to write a review. You can do this in person or electronically through the Q1 lead magnet.

Newer Is Better

Once you have a solid number of reviews built up, you may think they are good enough for now. Unfortunately, most people do not trust old reviews. Things could have changed in the months or years since the review was written. It is important to continue to ask for customer reviews to make sure you always have a recent review for potential clients to read.

How Do I Get Reviews?

Depending on how busy your clinic is, you may not want to spend too much time personally asking each client in person to write a review and then hope they will remember. Rather, there is a way to make the process more automated. Here are some veterinarian review tools that can be very helpful in sending out reminders to your clients that a review would be greatly appreciated.

Emails which include a Google link.

There are Google review link generators such as Google Review Box Generator and Whitespark which will create a direct link to your Google MyBusiness page. This link will allow your clients to easily find your page (it can be tricky sometimes) and write a review.
Review buttons on your website. Companies such as Bright Local have created a way to put buttons on your site that clients can use to generate a review which will appear on the major review sites like Google and Yelp.

Lead magnets

At Vet SEO, we understand the power of a Google review and knowing what vet review tools are needed to generate those reviews. Lead magnets are incentives that you can offer your clients for writing a review of your clinic. If they opt into the lead magnet, they will be given something like a 20% off coupon for their next visit, for example.
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